The IRCR organizes indoor competitions for electric remote-controlled cars. The races are open to everyone, regardless of age or skills level. They take place in the sports hall of the town of Savigny, near Lausanne in the canton of Vaud.

Our track – not permanent – has a surface area of 400m2 and is covered with “ETS” type carpeting with the stands distributed around it. It is set up during the events of the association.

The track will be set up on Saturday from 2 p.m. and will be available for free practice open to competitors until the end of the evening. The competition itself will take place on Sunday: a free practice round, 4 qualifications and 3 finals.


The championship organized by the IRCR is open to everyone, regardless of age or level of driving. Whether you are a beginner, participating in your first race, or a more experienced driver, these races are for you. The regulations – voluntarily reasonable motorization, imposed tires, tire products provided by the organization – as well as the race format have been optimized so that you can have maximum pleasure while practicing your hobby.

Classes (coming soon)

Touring Car 1/10°

Motor: >= 17.5T
ESC & Battery: Open / 2s
Tires: Hudy C3-28 (803053) – available on site.
Additive: MR33 V4 CARPET*
Registration: 40 CHF**

Formula1 1/10°

Motor: >= 21.5T
ESC & Battery: Blinky / 2s
Tires: Hudy F1 1/10 v2 (H803072 Front & H803082 Rear) – available on site.
Additive: MR33 V4 CARPET*
Registration: 40 CHF**

PAN CAR 1/12°

Motor: >= 13.5T
ESC & Battery: Blinky / 1s
Tires: Mobgums Silver AV (MOBF135) & Mobgums Silver AR (MOBR135) – available on site.
Additive: MR33 V4 CARPET*
Registrations: 40 CHF **

*The tire additive is imposed and provided by the organizer. No other product is allowed. The additive must be applied to the tires in the area provided for this purpose and the tires must be dry before any use on the track in order to protect the carpet.
**The registration fee entitles you to access to the track for training on Saturday afternoon and participation in the race on Sunday.

You can find the rules of the competitions on the file below (FR only).

Rules 2023/2024 are not yet available, more information very soon.

The file is for information only, only the latest version is valid.


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